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Dark Marble

Dark Marble is a classic and timeless stone slab (Dark Marble) that exudes sophistication and luxury. It features a deep black color. The sleek and polished surface of Dark Marble adds a touch of elegance and opulence to any space. This stone (Dark Marble) is often used for flooring, countertops, and fireplace surrounds, creating a bold and striking focal point in the room.
At present, this stone (Dark Marble) is specially produced in slab and tile dimensions and is prepared for the domestic market of the country and export to other countries. The color, design and pattern of this stone is very beautiful and attractive and it is a kind of inspiration of nature and can convey the feeling of the nature of the stone to all projects.
The color of this Marble (Dark Marble) is very beautiful and eye-catching and in many projects this Marble can be very beautiful.
Many designers always seek to use this stone (Dark Marble) in big projects and the reason is the design and role of this Dark Marble, which along with its very beautiful color can bring beauty to the project.
This type of Marble (Dark Marble) has been introduced to one of the best-selling products of Emadi Stone in the domestic and export markets.
The high production quality and beautiful color of this stone (Dark Marble) is the most important point.
Emadi Stone Company has been able to provide the best quality to its customers with the specialized production of this Stone (Dark Marble).

Analysis Dark Marble

Density (g/cm³) Water Absorption (%) compressive Strength (MPa) Flexural Strength (MPa) Mohs Hardness


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